Articles Screen showing an Interest View

What is an Interest View?

An Interest View is a graphical illustration of your level of interest in a topic or article. You can see them on the Topics Screen, Topic Info Screen, Article Screen, and Relevant Topics Screen. In most cases, you can interact with this view to adjust the level, and that is the easiest and quickest way to do it.

To adjust the level, simply press on the Interest View. If the level can be adjusted, a colorful slider will pop up. While still pressing, slide your finger to the slider and set the level you want. When you raise your finger, the slider will disappear and the adjustment is made. If you decide not to make an adjustment after all, simply slide your finger off the slider and it will snap back to the original value.

The Interest View shows the level in three ways, numerically, iconically, and by color. It also shows if the interest level is predicted by NewsBrain, or an actual level that you have set.

The numeric level of interest is a percentage ranging from -100% at the lowest, through the 0% neutral value, up to 100% at the highest level.

The background color reflects the level, running through a range of colors. To see the full spectrum, press on an Interest Level View to pop up its adjustment slider. The slider shows the full color spectrum as its background, and you can see the Interest View background color change as you adjust it.

The icon in the Interest View indicates the level with a face that changes expression. At 0%, the face has a neutral expression. At higher levels it looks more happy, and at lower ones it looks more sad.