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Airmote II - Remote Control Your Way

Remote Screen

Airmote II uses the VNC protocol to attach to a remote computer. You can see the screen, zoom in, emulate the mouse, and type and send keystrokes.

See it small on your iPhone, or big on your iPad. 

Remote Control

Airmote II comes with a variety of remote control screen layouts. Some show the remote computer full-screen, while others have a smaller screen and selected keyboard keys, while others are optimized for controlling specific applications like presentations or media players.

You can switch among control layouts simply by swiping left and right.  Some control layout change as you rotate device orientation between portrait and landscape.

On the iPad, you can even have a full screen layout, with a smaller layout that pops over it!


Fully Customizable

Airmote II includes a library of pre-made layouts, buttons, and actions. You can use them to make all kinds of buttons that do all sorts of things. You can put multiple actions on a button, using any image in the library or your photo album as a button or layout background.

It's remote control your way!