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FriendTrend - Who's Hot and Where

The Hottest People

See a list of your friends and where they checked in to Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare. FriendTrend also adds people near your location.

Express your interest in each person. Are two interesting people near you or each other? That makes them hotter and moves them up in the always-updating list. Are they at an interesting place? That makes them hotter still! 


The Hottest Places

Add places from your contacts or social networks. Express your interest in those places. The Mall is pretty interesting, the park a little less so. Are interesting people gathering at the Mall? That makes it hotter and it bubbles up on the list! Are you near a place, that makes it hotter!

FriendTrend also adds nearby places it finds from Foursquare and Yelp.  They heat up as you approach, cool as you move on.

You can also specify you interest in things - keywords, like "party" or "delicious". If a restaurant has "delicious" mentioned in its Yelp reviews, it gets hotter. If someone tweets the word "party", they get hotter and so does their location. 

You can set FriendTrend to automatically check you in when you stop at places, to keep your friends up on where you are. 


Everything in It's Place

FriendTrend's "radar" screen puts all your friends and nearby people and places on a single map. The map can follow you as you move about, or show the currently hottest person or place.

The map icons indicate if it a person or place, color codes the location and hotness of friends, and so on. Tap an icon to see details like distance and hotness, and go to an info screen.