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ClipView - See the Whole Clipboard

Paste Images to the Camera Roll

A few apps like Safari let you save an image directly to your Camera Roll, but others, like Pages and Keynote, do not. You can copy the image to the clipboard, but there is no way to paste it into your Camera Roll or Photo Album.

ClipView lets you do it! Just copy the image, open ClipView, and tap the Save Image button. Done and done! 

See All Representations

When you copy something into the clipboard, most apps will place multiple representations of the item onto the clipboard, so when you paste, the receiving app can pick the best representation. For example, when you copy some text in Safari, you get the plain text, but it also includes a rich text RTF format, a rich text with attachments RTFD format, and a Web Archive format. When you copy an image, you get the image plus its URL, and so on.

ClipView lets you see all the formats on the clipboard. It's pretty interesting! 


Use the Data

When you copy an item with a URL representation, you can view the URL itself, copy it as text, see a preview of its contents, or open the URL.

If you have an image, you can see it and put it in the Camera Roll. 

Most other representations are plain data, but you can see what they are and their type, to get an idea of what they include within.