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ParkTime - The Best Parking App

Find Your Car Fast!

ParkTime has a big arrow that points straight to your car no matter which way you are facing. A map shows the position of you and your car. And a distance readout says how far you have to go. Parked in the big city? You can even ask for walking directions to the car.


Set the Parking Meter

Tell ParkTime how much time is on the meter, and it will count it down on the main screen. You can also set it to notify you before the meter expires, so you can get back to it in plenty of time. The notification will appear on your phone, or your Apple Watch.


ParkTime on the Apple Watch

View the parking info on the included Apple Watch app. See the info in a glance, even see the park time right on the watch face. Control ParkTime from the watch - tell it you are parked, that you fed the meter, or tap the map to get walking directions to the car.


Want more details? View it on the App Store or read the Online Help!