Topics Screen


Topics Screen

The Topics Screen lists the topics in all or part of an Interest Profile. You get to it by tapping on a profile name on the Profiles Screen, or from another Topic Screen.

Topics in a profile are arranged in an outline, tree-like structure. Tapping the name of a topic will show a lower level screen listing its subtopics. 

Tapping the Info button on a topic will show a Topic Info Screen with details on the topic.

Pressing on the Interest Level View at the left side of the topic will pop up a slider that lets you quickly adjust the topic's Interest Level.

On this screen, you can also choose to view all the topics in a profile on a single list, ordered by name or Interest Level. This lets you easily see what topics are most interesting, or find a particular topic. To do this, tap the Menu button at the top and select "View As...". You can view in the normal "Outline" mode, or by "Name" or "Level".

When viewing by name or level, you can't tap a topic to see its subtopics, but you can see Topic Info or press the Interest Level View to change its level. If you are viewing by level and change a topic level, the topic will change its position in the list, as expected.

When viewing a profile with many topics by name, an alphabetic index appears so you can immediately to go to any level.

When viewing a profile with many topics by level, an index also appears, that lets you immediately go to any level range.