Topic Info Screen


Topic Info Screen

The Topic Info Screen shows details on a particular topic. You get to it from the Topics Screen by tapping the Info button on a topic.

Here, you can change the topic name, adjust its Interest Level, set a detailed search expression for the topic, lock it so it's level will not change, or make it inactive so it won't be used to evaluate article interest.

The Name field holds the topic name, and it is usually used as a search string when NewsBrain scans articles for relevant topics as part of its prediction of your interest level in an article.

The Regex field holds a special search expression here that NewsBrain uses to find the topic within article texts. If you are not familiar with regex search expressions, leave the field alone! Note that changing the topic name here will not change the search field and therefore won't affect topic matching. You can reset the regex field to match the topic name by blanking the regex field. Some details on regex and how NewsBrain performs Topic Matching are here.

With most default topics, NewsBrain matches on the topic name, surrounded by word boundaries. So, if you have a topic named "Cat", it will match the words "Cat" and "cat", but not "catch" or "scathe". All matching is case-insensitive.

The Active switch is normally on. If you turn it off, NewsBrain won't consider this topic when predicting article interest - and why would you want that?

The Lock switch is normally off. If you turn it on, NewsBrain won't auto-adjust the topic interest level when you adjust your interest in related topics or a relevant article - and why would you want that?

If you select Delete Topic, this topic and all of the topics under it will be deleted. If this is a top-level topic, thousands of subtopics, and their learning, could be deleted! NewsBrain issues a warning asking you to confirm topic deletion. You might want to export a copy of your profile from the Profile Info Screen before making significant changes.