Source Feeds Screen


Source Feeds Screen

The Source Feeds screen is available from the Source Screen, and shows the article source feeds from which NewsBrain gets its articles. An article source feed is an original source of articles, such as a website or blog. The list shows the feed name, the total number of articles it has fetched, and how long ago it fetched the first one. From time to time, NewsBrain will add or drop items from this list automatically, to maintain the most interesting set of article source feeds.

NewsBrain uses Feedly as its source of articles, and Feedly tracks millions of feeds. NewsBrain fetches from some of those feeds - the ones listed here.

In a perfect world, NewsBrain would subscribe to every one of Feedly's millions of feeds and basically scan the entire Internet, but this is impractical. So, NewsBrain will automatically subscribe to certain feeds based on your topics of interest, and unsubscribe from ones that tend to provide articles that are not interesting. It does this by tracking how interesting each feed has been to you, and maintaining your Interest Profile. It drops the feeds sourcing uninteresting articles, and adds new ones that center on the more interesting topics in your Interest Profile, or are in the similar categories to the more interesting feeds, or are generally popular with other Feedly users.

The first time you use NewsBrain with a new Feedly account, it will start you off by subscribing to a few of the most generally popular feeds, so you start out with a good general interest magazine of articles. But after learning from your feedback, NewsBrain will, start adjusting which feeds it uses. The list of feeds on this screen show which ones are currently being used. After a while, you'll end up with a magazine that gathers articles from a wide variety of interesting sources, filled with articles that are highly interesting to you personally.

You can delete a feed from this list by swiping left across its name. Doing so will unsubscribe from the feed in Feedly, and remove any current articles that were fetched from that feed. It is of note that NewsBrain may re-subscribe to the feed at some future time - you can't control to which feeds it auto-subscribes, other than to mark articles fetched from it as uninteresting. NewsBrain subscribes to feeds that are similar to those yielding interesting articles, that cover topics of high interest in your Interest Profile, or that are very popular with Feedly users in general.

Feedly Categories

On Feedly, feeds can be organized into categories that the user creates. When NewsBrain subscribes to a new feed, it puts it into a category named "NewsBrain". This way if you use the Feedly account with other apps or on, you can see which feeds were added by NewsBrain.

Note NewsBrain may, from time to time, auto-unsubscribe from feeds it sees are producing many uninteresting articles. However NewsBrain will not auto-unsubscribe from a feed that is not in the "NewsBrain" category (though you can do it yourself manually as described above). Therefore, it will only auto-unsubscribe from feeds it has auto-subscribed to, and not other feeds to which you or another app have subscribed and placed in some other category (or no category). 

To keep NewsBrain from auto-unsubscribing a feed, you can go to and insure it is not in the "NewsBrain" category, moving it away if necessary.