Source Screen


Source Screen

This screen shows information on one of NewsBrain's sources of articles. You can get to it from the Sources Screen when you select one of the listed sources. 

The built-in Feedly source is permanent and can't be deleted.

The Feedly source is all you need. But, as an advanced feature, you can add additional sources, such as individual web pages or RSS URLs. Sources you add may be deleted - to do that, swipe left across its name back on the Sources Screen.

The Name field shows the source name, and the URL field shows the URL for the its website.

The Active switch says if this source should be used when NewsBrain fetches articles. Don't turn off all sources, or NewsBrain will not be able to fetch any articles!

The Feedly Source

Though the Feedly source can't be deleted, it can be made inactive. This is only useful in the extremely unusual case where you add your own sources and want to use them instead of Feedly.

The Feedly source has a Source Feeds item that will bring up a Source Feeds Screen that lists individual article feeds within the source.

The Feedly source also has an item named My Account. This brings up the Authorization Screen where you can Sign In, Sign Out, change Feedly accounts, or Reauthorize NewsBrain for your Feedly account. Normally you just see the Authorization Screen the first time you use NewsBrain, and that's the only time you need it. However, this item lets you make some changes if desired.

Note that you can also go to the website and make changes to your account, add, delete, or discover news feeds, and any changes you make there (or in other apps that use Feedly) will be reflected in NewsBrain.