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What is Feedly?


Feedly, at, is a free news aggregation site that NewsBrain uses as its source for news articles.

You need a free Feedly account to use NewsBrain. NewsBrain has the sign up procedure built into it. Just give a name, EMail address and password and you're in. Or, you can use your existing FaceBook or Twitter account to sign in.

Feedly catalogs news articles from all across the Internet, scanning thousands of sites to find millions of articles. NewsBrain's job is to predict your personal level of interest in these articles and show you the most interesting ones.

Since there are so many articles on the Internet, Feedly lets you choose from some broad categories, like "sports" and "tech" as a first pass. You can also subscribe to individual sites in each category. NewsBrain scans featured sites in various categories, and sites you subscribe to, ranking and showing the articles within them.

In addition to what NewsBrain does, you can manage your Feedly account in more detail at their website. NewsBrain will honor any changes you make at the website and reflect that in the articles it selects.

Certain other apps (and, of course, the Feedly apps and websites) also use Feedly as their source for news articles. Since we all coordinate with the Feedly Cloud, changes made in other Feedly-driven apps will be reflected here, and vice-versa.