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How Can I Save or Transfer my Profile?

NewsBrain tells Feedly what articles you have already seen, so that information is in sync across all devices. But the Interest Profile itself is not synchronized.

We want to implement syncing across iCloud in a future version, but for now there is only one way to transfer your Interest Profile, and that is exporting it to iTunes, and then importing it from iTunes on the other device.

To export the Interest Profile, go to the Profile Info Screen and choose the Export to iTunes item. A copy of the profile will be made, and placed in a file. Then, you can go to iTunes and in the device's Applications tab, find NewsBrain in the list and select it. You should see your Interest Profile's file. You can save a copy on your desktop from there.

The exported file is actually text inside (in an XML property list format). It is possible to very carefully edit this file and make changes, or just peek inside to see the saved data. The file however, must remain in the proper XML property list format to be importable, so it is probably best not to modify it, and make your changes in the NewsBrain app itself.

To import the file back into NewsBrain, load it in through the iTunes applications tab. You can disconnect from iTunes after that if you wish. Then on the Profiles Screen, select the Action button and choose "Import From iTunes". The file will be imported into a profile and given the same name as the file. Any previous profile with that name will be replaced!