What is NewsBrain?


NewsBrain is a news article reader for the iPhone and iPad that quickly learns what you like and shows you the most interesting news first.

NewsBrain collects articles from all around the web using Feedly, a free newsfeed service. A Feedly account is required to use NewsBrain, and you can set one up from within the NewsBrain app.

NewsBrain literally learns what you like, using a unique, neural-network-like topic tree combined with back propagation techniques.

NewsBrain maintains your personal Interest Profile, which consists of a large tree of topics along with your level of interest in each one. While you can adjust the topics yourself, NewsBrain does it automatically, based on your rating of articles you read.

NewsBrain scans each article and calculates how relevant each topic is to the article. Using that and your interest in each topic, NewsBrain predicts your level of interest in the article. Finally, NewsBrain presents the articles to you, most interesting first.

When you view an article, you can give NewsBrain feedback by telling it if the article was more, or less, interesting than NewsBrain predicted. NewsBrain learns by adjusting all the topic interest levels relevant to the article up or down. Your Interest Profile becomes more accurate, causing NewsBrain to learn and make better predictions of interest in future articles. 

The NewsBrain website is at http://myallo.com/newsbrain

This online help is at http://myallo.com/newsbrain-help

The Leptonic Systems Inc. site is at http://myallo.com