Text Styles Screen


Text Styles Screen

The Text Styles Screen lists the styles and sizes of text you can choose for article display. The screen appears when you select one of the Text Style items on the Settings Screen.

The top section in the list shows fixed text styles that always look as they are shown. The bottom section shows dynamic text styles that may vary in size.

On iPhone, when you return to viewing articles, text will reflect the selected style.

On iPad, if you select a style while viewing article summaries, you will immediately see the change on the screen.

About Dynamic Text Styles

Text displayed in a dynamic style starts out looking as they do in the list, but the size will scale depending on your device's Settings app (which is not part of NewsBrain). The Settings app has a setting for "Text Size". It contains a slider that lets you vary the size of dynamic text throughout all apps on the device.

In NewsBrain, this screen shows dynamic text in various sizes. If you adjust the Settings app to make dynamic text larger, for example, all the dynamic styles in this list get proportionately scaled, as does any article text to which you've assigned a dynamic style.