Settings Screen


Settings Screen

The Settings Screen appears when you tap the Settings tab on the iPhone, and it presents a number of options On the iPad, tapping the "Settings" button slides open a tabbed view where you can choose between viewing these settings or the.Profiles Screen, which shows your Interest Profile settings.

On the settings screen, the Appearance section lets you set the text styles for articles seen on the tabloid Articles Screen and the individual Article Screen.

Each appearance item brings up a Text Styles Screen that lets you choose from a number of typefaces and sizes. If you select on of the Dynamic Text Styles near the bottom of the list, those sizes scale according to the Text Size setting in the device Settings app.

The two Tabloid items set styles on the Articles Screen, which shows multiple articles in a newspaper tabloid format. The two Article items set styles on the individual Article Screen.

The Skip Article Screen setting changes the behavior when you tap on an article in the Articles Screen. Instead of going to the Article Screen, which shows you the article summary and lets you tap again to visit the original web site from which the article was sourced, it visits the original web site directly, skipping the Article Screen step.

The Speech Options item will open the Speech Options Screen, which is described as part of the Speech Screen.

The Article Sources item brings up a Sources Screen that lets you see and adjust NewsBrain's sources for articles.

About NewsBrain shows the version of NewsBrain you are running, and some credits.

Online Help shows the help topics list.