NewsBrain 1.1 Reads the News Aloud

NewsBrain 1.1 adds a major new feature - Speech!

NewsBrain 1.1 reads articles aloud! It will speak the most interesting, most recent articles continuously and commercial free, for as long as you like. Perfect for the car, jogging, commuting, or anywhere on the go.,

Touch controls let you tap to pause, swipe to hear the next article, or just use the regular audio controls on the Control Panel, lock screen, headset, or Apple TV remote.

Have it speak through your Bluetooth speaker or over AirPlay. It even shows the article images on the lock screen or Apple TV while it narrates.

A full set of options let you adjust speech speed, which parts of the article it reads, if it should show the text it is speaking, and more.

To start it speaking, simply press and hold on an article until a menu pops up, then select “Speak”.

All the details are on the online help Speech Screen page here.

Get NewsBrain now, and watch for this free update to appear very soon!