NewsBrain Ready to Release



Leptonic Systems Ready to Release NewsBrain - The Endless Magazine that Learns your Interests Automatically

Uses neural network tech to show personally interesting articles from around the Web.

Cold Spring Harbor NY, 10 Dec - Leptonic Systems Inc. has sent its NewsBrain app for iOS to Apple for approval to release on the App Store. NewsBrain automatically    subscribes to news feeds, predicts your interest in articles, and shows the most interesting ones first.

“NewsBrain learns your interests using a unique neural-network-inspired technology.” said Michael O’Connor, developer and President of Leptonic Systems. "There's no need to wade through the Internet looking for interesting things to read, since NewsBrain does it automatically. It starts out as a general interest magazine, but as you page through articles and tell it which ones you particularly  like or dislike. It will automatically customize itself and become an endless online magazine geared to your specific tastes.”

NewsBrain scans every article for relevance to thousands of topics, and uses your feedback to learn your interest in relevant topics. It then predicts your interest in new articles, and shows the most interesting ones up front.

The NewsBrain website is at Full size screenshots are at Online docs are at

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Michael O’Connor
Leptonic Systems Inc.