Feed Info Screen

The Feed Info Screen shows information and settings for an article source feed. You get to it by tapping a feed name in the Source Feeds Screen or the Feed Results Screen.

The Subscribers value shows the approximate number of subscribers that Feedly users as a whole have for the feed. It can be used as a rough indicator of general popularity.

The Articles Per Week value is an indication of the number of articles that are posted to the feed per week. This is a very rough value that may be inaccurate or missing for some feeds, but it can often give an indication of how prolific a feed is.

The Subscribe Switch tells you if NewsBrain is currently subscribed to the feed. You can change the switch to make NewsBrain subscribe or unsubscribe to the feed. Note that NewsBrain might auto-unsubscribe to the feed if it thinks you're finding it uninteresting, or auto-subscribe to it again if it thinks you might have an interest in it, for example if it is a very popular feed or covers a similar subject to other interesting feeds. You can override this by setting the Lock or Avoid switches.

The Lock Switch can be turned on if the Subscribe switch is turned on. This will insure that NewsBrain will not auto-unsubscribe the feed - only you will be able to unsubscribe the feed manually. Normally, this switch is off, and NewsBrain is free to unsubscribe the feed if it determines that the articles it produces are not very interesting to you. Turn this switch on if you want NewsBrain to stay subscribed to a feed no matter the predicted or actual interest level of its articles.

The Avoid Switch can be turned on if the Subscribe switch is turned off. This will insure that NewsBrain will not auto-subscribe to the feed. If NewsBrain subscribes to a feed that you know you definitely do not want, you can turn off the Subscribe Switch and turn on the Avoid switch, and NewsBrain will not re-subscribe to the feed. This might be useful when a feed is very popular to the general public but not to you, and NewsBrain tends to think you might like it and tends to resubscribe to it.